Hello :) I got the 21 piece brush set, the costal scents duo fiber stippling brush, blending brush (not mailed yet) and the deluxe flat top buffer brush for only $70.00 :D

Do take a look at my review, I’m too happy for words :)

Flat Top Buffer Brush

Duo Fiber Stippling Brush

All of my Haul :)

21 Piece Brush Set:

Hey Everyone :)

Sorry I haven’t been posting any videos as of late – caught up in a mega load of school work and an aching obsession to obtain some everyday minerals products. Luckily, I found some awesome people willing to do cash on delivery and meet up from even a spree >.<
Yay :0
So here’s basically what I’m getting from Everyday Minerals from various sources :) 
1. Kaolin Powder – Soft Bronze

Start by applying this silky smooth powder to achieve an even base for your minerals. The slight tint of soft bronze and kaolin clay work together to help control oil and set your look for the day when you finish off with a final light dusting! -by Angie

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African Black Soap

Helooo, haha you’re probably wondering what the heck that thing is, its African Black Soap!

It is 1:42 AM and I am awake because you only live once and I really really wanted to look up more reviews on my new wish list and my upcoming posts and vids will be listed here as well for your viewing pleasure.

So, I will be finally getting a BRUSH SET :) its a 21 piece brush set which has rave reviews from icyabstract on youtube, and I will be getting a stippling brush as well as a buffer brush and blending brush all for $73.70 from Magical Tannsu, another one of my favourite blog shops this FRIDAY :) when my exams finally end that morning. So, it will be a celebration. And…my friend, Daphne will be sleeping over and we shall have what we call a make up fest.

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Hope your saturday has been groovy. So, yes, I was requested earlier by fiestyskies and jasmine who I met on myclassycloset to do a eyelash tutorial so here it is! And I fixed my lighting haha

Part 1 (talk about the tools and curlers I like)

Part 2 (the actual tutorial)

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Hey Everyoneee :)

My european history exam is finally over. But, I’m kind of sad because the sole thing we worked for the entire class for one whole year is finally accomplished and I reckon I did quite well. Also, don’t buy Coffee Bean’s blueberry muffins. I love blueberry muffins, so after exams, I went to Ang Mo Kio hub to find a Mother’s day gift and I stumbled upon Coffee Bean. I contemplated whether I wanted to get the carrot cake with cream cheese icing or the blueberry muffins but I unfortunately opted to try something new. It was so bad, I couldn’t even finish it and it was at lack of any blueberry taste at all. Poo. haha. so just a heads up. Oh and a funny thought today. Don’t you love it when you’re the first person in line of a really long bus line in ang mo kio so that when you stand up, the whole crowd stands up even if the bus isn’t there? hehe.

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Hello :)

So tomorrow I’m taking a day off for my exam on friday so I thought I would make a haul video right after school on my new 88 original palette and gel concealer palette I got on Sunday from classy closet haha. I think I’m turning into a make up junkie, but I must say I’m a really happy one. So overall, the palettes were awesome as I expected them to be and pictures and video are below.

And oh yes, I have a new blog shop selling my stuff – brand new or once loved – link is in the side bar: http://roseannetangshop.blogspot.com/

Gel Concealer

88 Shadow Palette!

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