Hey Everyone!

Like a cream blush, liquid concealer has always been one of those products I’d rather only use if I had to. I love cream concealers and balm concealers because I think they are much easier to use, whip on and pop into my makeup travel bag.  However, with a liquid concealer, I have to whip out an extra brush, spread and then dab only to find that it seemingly does not last as long as my other balm or cream concealers. Yet, when the eye-bags hit from a sleepless night or two, there’s not much choice and the liquid concealers seem to work the best for this purpose.

Today, I’ll be giving a review of one of the first concealers I’ve ever used. Popular in Singapore and other Asian countries, ZA is a drugstore makeup brand that is commonly found at Watsons stores. Their ZA Perfection Concealer has won many accolades, been on the shelves for a while and is a liquid concealer for sure worth looking at.

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