Oh and a few days ago, Urban Decay sent me the following things :) that sparked me to do a review on the Urban Decay eyeshadows. I think though the best way to demonstrate eyeshadows was to do a tutorial and its up there :) Urban Decay Eyeshadows are so pigmented and highly blendable because they have minimal amounts of binders and fillers that equates to pigmented and vivid colors.

Here is what I received:

2 Urban Decay Eyeshadows in Mildew and Vert! and UDPP samples in original and sin

A wonderful note from Eric Jimenez who I met at the UD event! Not sure what he’s thanking me for though, but thanks Eric!!

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Hey Everyone,

Just made a contouring, highlighting and blush map that just might be useful for you.

I’m thinking of doing a youtube video just about this and some tips and tricks so stay tuned for that video!

UPDATE – What’s up Yo??

So, I went to Sephora yesterday because I have had such a large response on making the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow box as my first contest prize, but then I went there and IT was totally sold out. Trouble is, Australia, the country of which I will return to in a few days, does not have Urban Decay at all so..I will have to find some way to ship it from the US which is totally possible but very expensive. I feel so so upset because I feel like I’ve let all of you down and I made you excited for nothing. I’m so sorry. I can’t make promises because shipping will cost me so much money (I have to get an external US Address), I can easily substitute the prize for a favourite NARS blush in Passion but it wouldn’t be as cool. I hate doing things like this but no promises I guess that’s all I can say right now…Do keep in mind that this contest is not OFF, it is totally happening. I just have to figure out if its still as cool to spend over $100 US at least, but I know you guys are worth it. I know you guys aren’t like ungrateful or anything, but I feel utterly horrible personally and so dissapointed.

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