Hey Everyone!

I visited the Topshop makeup stand @ ION and I must say, it’s quite a selection of products – lip glosses, eyeshadow trios, tints, bronzers, blushes and lots of nail polishes. All of the blushes were sold out before I got there but I have to say the makeup packaging is quite the adorable. I couldn’t take many pictures so here is one:

But I did sneakily note down a price list for all of you interested. Most of the things were 13 dollars, it’s affordable and there is a promotion – something along the lines of buy $60 worth of Topshop stuff, with at least 1 makeup item.. and get a free makeup tote (btw thats a ton of makeup if you’re talking sixty!)

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Hey Everyone,

I thought I might blog about my current makeup collection through a series of photos. Watch the video for more in depth review! I don’t have as much makeup (i think) as some people may think I do simply because I often sell or if I can’t do that, I will throw it away if I don’t like it. Thus, it’s changed quite a bit since my last update. Enjoy!

Current set up in Melbourne..

My Everyday Brushes…

Various stuff :)

Palette’s Galore!


Roseanne :)

Hey Everyone,

Kiyoko and I infront of Taka’s store but I went to Ion for the below review..

For all of you too busy out there to catch a glimpse of the new set-up for Urban Decay’s Launch in Singapore, here I am to save the day. Well, not really. The launch at ION wasn’t as fantastically awesome as I envisioned it to be – no people dressed as urban decay primer potions, handing out urban decay primer potions and little cupcakes with urban decay sprinkles (what a dream :)) – just regular sephora sales assistants wearing the same black shirts but with the words UD stamped on their backs floating around the seemingly empty looking launch. The event on facebook said the event was supposed to be open at 12 PM, I went at about 12:30 and I swear it was a little lonely with just me and another and what seemed like 10 sales assistants wondering where the crowd went. I seriously thought I would get pummelled, scratched and even gnawed on. But nope, none of that excitement at all.

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Hello Everyone!

I was requested by the lovely Laura or Spinnelrain on Youtube who asked the following:

Confronted with the same question when I first decided to purchase the MAC Mineralized Skinifinish Natural, of course I wanted to fufill this request.

Right off the bat, in my opinion, you shouldn’t substitute the MAC MSF for the MAC Blot Powder. I can’t say which one is better because they’re both my holy grail powders, I can’t choose one because they’re for totally different purposes. I wouldn’t set my foundation without the MAC MSF and I wouldn’t have an on the go touch up powder without the blot powder, so here is my take:

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Hey Everyone,

Disclaimer: this website did not tell me to post this up.

Ever wanted to order from maccosmetics or from the sephora or nars website but couldn’t because you weren’t in the states? Well, I was browsing youtube and went on a channel who was the owner of www.sgDrugstore.com and they do special request orders from various US websites and will quote the price – you just give them the list of what you want and they will quote the price – converting it to sing, including shipping and international taxes etc. It’s such a great website!

That means you can have your urban decay, nars, cheaper mac brushes etc!

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Sorry I’m probably spamming your inbox at the moment but this is for treehouseglory and anyone sort of confused on how to use Windows Movie Maker to edit their videos. Thought I might help and address your concerns. I know the video quality is poor, but I didn’t really know how to do it any other way, I could use screencast, but it wouldn’t upload and I couldnt change the frame size. ANYWAY, hope this works and hope it helps you.

If it doesn’t that means i’m uploading it on youtube on another account..so wait a moment pls! :D

I really hope the video works…GO TO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8ho3LUuyak

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