Hey Everyone,

I’m leaving tonight, going to the airport at 6:30 and packing my laptop way before so I won’t be able to do a vid for quite a while, until everything is a-okay and settled in melbourne :) i’m really scared/excited and super nervous and I’m going to miss my friends, family and my doggie :( and of course all the beauty bloggers I got to know and love.

Here’s my last vid in singapore before i go to Melbourne – tea tree oil product haul :)


Roseanne :)

Hello :)

I just wanted to post a review about NYX Lipsticks which I am absolutely loving at the moment. I don’t have any picatures because I forgot to take them and now they’re packed in a bag and my sister’s friend has just moved into my room so I’m gonna post my recent video on here which is basically what I want to say:

Wow. I don’t have much time here…1 more full day! Tomorrow! Omy gosh, its really surreal.

One band I’m LOVING is The Script! I just discovered it although they’re famous for The Man Who Can’t be Moved: