Beauty FYI: Elizabeth Arden 100th Anniversary Promotions – 9th – 15th July

Elizabeth Arden is currently having their 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Sets currently selling like hotcakes at counters from the 9th to 15th of July and I must say these babies are adorable. I met up with Elizabeth Wan, part of the marketing team at Elizabeth Arden for lunch at the Blue Mist Cafe and was able to get a glimpse of the upcoming promotions at the office, which was beautiful by the way.

She’s trying to take out the lip protectant, next to her is one of the new fragrances coming out and the red door lipstick next to the box. I have to say that the lipstick is probably one of the most interesting limited edition items. It’s a beautiful sparkly hollywood red lipstick only going for $19.90 each, but apparently its sold out currently as the promotions started yesterday!

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Hey Everyone,

*This is a sponsored review, I did not purchase this product, Elizabeth Arden was kind enough to give this to me to review. So I know this is pretty much overdue compared to my video launch already, but here it is in blog form for all of you who are too lazy to hear me rant. so here we go:

Powder foundation to me was always hidden back in the recesses of my makeup never try list because I always thought that it could never ever achieve the same effects and coverage as a liquid. Looking natural versus Barbie was never a hesitating choice, I wanted to look like barbie minus the blonde hair and never walk out with a single blemish on my face. I was happy with liquid until as always my onsugar newspaper had a little article by the lovely Sarah Chaudry and Diana Salleh about how much they loved this stuff and since EA was kind enough to sponsor me, I was totally eager to give this one a homerun try. And, I am glad I did.

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Whitening has been an obsession that has swept Asia for well, ages. From Japanese Geishas painting themselves white before a show to my mother and sister cringing at the sun, whipping out their pocket umbrellas and nagging me to cover up before their worst nightmare comes true: darker skin. I remember once when I was 10 and on a trip to Bintan, I did not know the importance of sunscreen and spent seriously all day out in the sun – lets say I came home at least 5 shades darker and peeling and had a presentation at school the next day (I know I was 10, it was on the Leopard Seal, ok? :P). Not cool. Unlike western parts of the world a “tan” does not go well in the “Look like Hot Stuff in Asia” book (although of course, there is always non-conformity) and I am no excpetion, I want skin that is radiant, fair, and flawless.

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