Hey Everyone,

I know, I know I haven’t yet posted another video yet but I will soon I guess. I’ve just opted to take a break from finance haha and decided to do a post, oh and just now I painted my dorm mates faces to mimic a mime – yes it included lots of white face paint and alot of maybelline gel liner because there wasn’t any black lipstick. :( And I didn’t take any pictures because they were late for the party already.

Anyway, yesterday I came across Mecca Cosmetica in Melbourne which is right across the MYER department store and saw the heavenly NARS counter, well counters as a matter of fact. It was dreamy and I managed to swatch laguna bronzer and orgasm and deep throat as well as the multiples (blush sticks as well). I am utterly in love with their packaging. I didn’t take any pictures though, I think I was so absorbed in the moment that I forgot plus I’d probably be kicked out because they don’t like people taking pictures there.

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Hey Everyone!

I just posted up a video on youtube – just a vlog and dorm room tour requested by fiestyskies.

I must say that my dorm looked like an absolute PRISON CELL before lol, white walls, nothing on the bed, empty desk, everything was so drab, but I put a bit of roseanne’s touch on it, and now its at least tolerable :)

& the printer isn’t in the vid, cuz I just bought it today haha.

Here are some pictures.

Thanks for still being my readers even if I don’t have as much time as I used to have. I willl be doing a July fav. video soon as soon as I can at least.

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Just wanted to thank everyone so much for all the best wishes. I’ve arrived safely, quite a while ago and was welcomed to slightly cold weather in my terms but I wish it was colder. I’m a very loving the cold person haha and I’ve gotten to know the place sort of well and I love it here. In terms of beauty, its very similar to the US in that it carries many brands and serves it to consumers in a similar manner. Like the states, there are huge department stores, even target, but what they have here is BIG W, woolworths, and their grocery stores also carry american brands. But they aren’t as cheap as the states.

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New Video up :)

Vid Description:


This is a 20 Questions tag I did and a mini haul (MAC Fix+, Epistick and Once and Again Blush). Hope you enjoy. The questions are right here:

1–Thing you cannot leave the house without ?
2–Favorite Brand of makeup?
3–Favorite Flower ?
4– Fav clothing store?
5–Favorite Perfume ?
6–Heels or flats ?
7–Do you make good grades ?
8–Favorite colors ?
9–Do you drink energy drinks ?
10–Do you drink juice ?
11–Do you like swimming ?
12–Do you eat fries with a fork ?
13–Favourite Moisturizer?
14–Do you want to get married later on in life ?
15–Do you get mad easily ?
16–Are you into Ghost Hunting ?
17– Any phobias?
18–Do you bite your nails ?
19–Have you ever had a near death experience?
20–Do you drink coffee ?
* from erniewornie

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