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Hey Everyoneee :)

My european history exam is finally over. But, I’m kind of sad because the sole thing we worked for the entire class for one whole year is finally accomplished and I reckon I did quite well. Also, don’t buy Coffee Bean’s blueberry muffins. I love blueberry muffins, so after exams, I went to Ang Mo Kio hub to find a Mother’s day gift and I stumbled upon Coffee Bean. I contemplated whether I wanted to get the carrot cake with cream cheese icing or the blueberry muffins but I unfortunately opted to try something new. It was so bad, I couldn’t even finish it and it was at lack of any blueberry taste at all. Poo. haha. so just a heads up. Oh and a funny thought today. Don’t you love it when you’re the first person in line of a really long bus line in ang mo kio so that when you stand up, the whole crowd stands up even if the bus isn’t there? hehe.

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Hello :)

So tomorrow I’m taking a day off for my exam on friday so I thought I would make a haul video right after school on my new 88 original palette and gel concealer palette I got on Sunday from classy closet haha. I think I’m turning into a make up junkie, but I must say I’m a really happy one. So overall, the palettes were awesome as I expected them to be and pictures and video are below.

And oh yes, I have a new blog shop selling my stuff – brand new or once loved – link is in the side bar:

Gel Concealer

88 Shadow Palette!

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Just a heads up – the Mane and Tail Shampoo selling is still on, so if you are interested, check out the previous blog post and I would very much be happy to reply any emails or comments! I will be selling it for twenty dollars a bottle.

So, here I am, studying for my English Test on One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, its a great book I have to say but quite tedious to study. Anyway, I’m nearly done so I thought I might make another blog post/review on a product that being:

If you haven’t got one of these green small containers full of the good stuff, then I dont know what you are doing with your face. HAHA. this stuff is absolutely amazing! If you have acne, one swipe of this and you can kiss its disgusting redness goodbye.

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Mane and Tail Shampoo

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“Even Sarah Jessica Parker, the former “Sex and the City” fashion guru, has incorporated Mane ‘n Tail into her beauty routine. The National Enquirer, published in the United States, recently reported that Parker’s on-set stylist, Anthony Dicky, “prefers the product because it works well on wavy, frizzy, and naturally curly hair.”

So what makes the products work so well that top stylists and celebrities can’t seem to get enough? Mane ‘n Tail, originally manufactured for use on horses, has been successfully transitioned to human use with unprecedented results due to the unique micro-enriched formula and its incredible conditioning agents.“

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My Classy Closet

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Thank you My Classy Closet for featuring me in your blog!

Classy Closet is such a great place to get your make up and they don’t just have eyeshadows, they have gel concealers, gel liners, lip colors and blush palettes. So please go have a look if you’re in Singapore and looking to buy some great make up.

I have to study for exams and do homework :(

See you later!


Bronzeisbeautiful Tutorial :)

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I’ve been hard at work and I just finished my first eye make up tutorial. It is below, I’ve embedded the youtube link below :)

Here are some pictures of the look and I hope you like it. Do comment, subscribe and rate the video and let me know how it is. It’s pretty late haha probably why I sound so sleepy :P Anyway, I dont think I shall be posting for long (unless I give in to my temptations to post things :P) because I have my exams for two weeks but don’t worry, I’m ready :)