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Ever so often, I like to update you on life, what goes on behind the scenes. – you know that stuff. June has been a pretty crazy month and so has the past few months ever since I came back from London. I launched the online store, I’ve been working on the blog part time and I’ve been a full time, professional and certified make-up artist. I juggle this between filming for Mediacorp ToggleTV (I have my own series called Beauty Basics now), voice-overs and speaking and hosting events too. I guess that’s what I do, although sometimes I feel like a third culture kid trying to explain it. Despite —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!


I’m sure we all know how to conceal, but what about colour correcting? No, I’m no talking about slapping on another foundation or concealer to “colour correct” our skin, but using actual cream colours to do the job. Using green and purple concealers might only make sense if you’re helping do Barney the Dinosaur’s make-up, but it can really actually help you achieve an even flawless base under your make-up. This is colour correcting.


Today I’m using my favourite which is the Make Up For Ever Camo Cream Palette. I always use this palette when I need to colour correct my —–> Read More

Hey Everyone,

I can’t believe it’s over in two weeks. I still remember packing my bags (albeit very last minute), hopping on a plane and getting on the tube to my very first day of school. And now, it’s already week 7! Finally attending make-up school was a big dream of mine. Even though to be honest most of my friends and family questioned what more I could learn there, I learned an immense amount. It wasn’t so much about theory, but the experience of applying make-up on people day in day out and being professional about it is what helped! In fact, applying make-up on someone else is totally —–> Read More

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Everyone knows that one of the costs to being is make-up artist is how ridiculously expensive make-up can be. I find myself buying make-up shades that aren’t for myself, cool blushes and lipsticks and crazy colours – plus the odd accessory like sponges, disposable mascara wands, Q-Tips and skincare for toning, cleansing and extra moisturising. In fact, building your make-up kit can be tough. But, here are a few tips from make-up school that may make it easier on your wallet!

1. Mix and Match

They say that if a foundation is in the same line and is composed of the same texture, you can mix shades to get —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!

As a beauty blogger or I guess any girl, it’s hard not to stick to things you already know – like your skin type, skin tone and the shades you think work best for you. Today, I’m breaking free of those chains (cliche, much?) and giving you some make-up artist approved tips to doing make-up for darker skin tones, including your own if you have those blessed full lips, cheekbones and ability to go crazy with color without looking too OTT.

1. Hello Color-Correcting

People with darker skin often have different skin-tones on different areas of the face. For example, the forehead and perimeter of the face my —–> Read More

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We’ve all been there. We’ve just finished an amazing smokey eye but the eye-shadow has gotten all over our cheeks and underneath. If we touch to remove it, it smears making it even worse. Here’s an really simple solution to clearing up the mess in no time:

Really all you have to do is get a Q-tip or fold a cotton pad into a tip and apply some foundation on the back of your hand. Using your Q-tip, grab some of the foundation, smear it until just a bit is on the Q-tip and wipe and swipe away the eye-shadow. Not only does it remove the eye-shadow, it also —–> Read More

Hey Everyone!

Although when it comes to our wedding we’d much prefer to be pampered, it’s always good to know a few bridal make-up tips when it comes to your big day. Or, if you’re an aspiring make-up artist, it’s handy to keep these in mind. Here are some bridal make-up tips I learned about last week!

#1 Bridal Make-Up is Timeless and Long-Lasting 

If anything, bridal make-up should be timeless and long-lasting. Timeless in that it’s a classic look that will look good even when your grandchildren are looking at your wedding albums. This obviously does not count for the —–> Read More

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been having an amazing time at make-up school so far. I absolutely love it and have been learning a lot too. I thought it would be fun to regularly keep you updated on all the great tricks I’m learning from professionals.

Here at the school, the teachers have been doing it for at about 20 years. In fact, coming here revealed to me a whole new side of make-up, the make-up artistry bit isn’t as easy as just applying make-up – it’s really your own business and everyone kinda specialises in something whether it’s bridal to SFX to fashion or film. We work with —–> Read More