Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette Haul – A Make-Up Artist’s Dream!

Hey Everyone!


I think one of the challenges with starting any make-up artist career is building a kit. Not only do you need to get your shade, you need to be able to provide for everyone else’s. While you were opening your awesome Christmas presents, I was opening this. My boyfriend gave me a make-up artist’s dream – the Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette! Best boyfriend in the world award? Pretty much.

The Bobbi Brown BBU Face palette is not available in retail stores, and is only available online. It is inspired by Bobbi’s own make-up palette that she uses when she works and features her correctors, concealers and foundation sticks. It has a great amount of shades and is perfect for a make-up artist because it is portable and provides for people with light or dark skin an anyone in between.  I’ve used her foundation sticks at school and bought one for myself at the airport (go duty free) and love it! But enough talk, let’s open this baby!


All nicely wrapped, of course I had my paws already on Christmas so the wrapping is all torn up. Oopsies.


So the Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette features 11 shades of corrector and 14 shades of creamy concealer. Correctors are used to neutralise under eye circles which explains why they are peachy or yellow based to counteract ashy and blue shades. You apply the correctors first before your concealer under the eyes. Of course there are many other correctors out there like – green to fight off redness and lilac to fight off sallowness. It’s all about the color wheel really. Typically the peachier the corrector is, the more it is suited for correcting darker skin.


The palette also includes 20 colours of foundation sticks. I love the Bobbi Brown foundation stick and I will do a review soon! I love how it really blends into the skin. When you see the swatches, you’ll see how it blends right in. What I also like about Bobbi Brown is that they really do provide for the more warmer skin tones, including a good amount of yellow. Even their bb cream suits me because it is yellow toned as I myself am quite warm. However, people who have a cooler undertone often complain.



Time for swatches! It’s quite hard to swatch foundation right, especially when it matches so well to the skin. It’s quite cool too. If I ever need to get a foundation or concealer from Bobbi Brown again, I’ll know my shade exactly since I…I guess have all the shades now!


Swatches for the foundation stick. They are extremely creamy when you warm it with your fingers but when you take it from the tube, they are stiff enough to apply. It’s a great product because it knows what you want. When you apply it, you don’t want it to smear everywhere if it’s too creamy but when you need to blend it, it becomes very flexible.


This palette is my new baby, I’m in love with it and can’t wait to use it and it’s smaller than I expected it to be making it great to bring along!

I’m also back in Singapore already (now this time forever) and it’s time to get cracking. I’m hoping to launch the store at the end of this month so I need to work really hard, I hope I have everyone’s support! It’s going to be fun! That being said, I will have giveaways all throughout January for the store so stay tuned for the blog post about it! I hope you have a fabulous new year :)

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