October 20, 2012

Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 Review!

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Hey Everyone!

If you hate bb creams because they never match your skintone, then you’re in for a treat, finally! In fact, the Bobbi Brown BB cream is one of those products you return to after a while and start loving again. I think in a cold country like London, the Bobbi Brown BB Cream’s glowy finish performs much better than humid Singapore and with a very rare warm undertone, it’s a gem in this crazy BB race!

The Bobbi Brown BB Cream is SPF 35 PA+++ which is a reasonable range as most BB creams are at SPF 25. Bobbi Brown also claims that this baby covers imperfections and evens the skintone, helps control oil, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brightens dull skintone over time. I can’t say much about wrinkles but obviously being SPF 35, it should shield you against UVA and UVB rays as it also claims. The BB cream also comes in a uniquely extenstive range of shades which I think is this BB cream’s winning point. You in fact have 5 shades to choose from, all in natural skintones of our skin. Nothing blue or overly white, something that makes me extremely happy.

The cream itself is a good creamy texture that doesn’t feel to heavy on either. It blends well into the skin and gives you medium coverage although just like any bb cream, don’t bet on it to cover your scars. You’ll need a high coverage foundation for that. But I like how the texture is a stable consistency. Nothing overly watery that makes me feel a little insecure nor too thick so that I feel like I’m wearing a mask. It’s pretty much perfect.

Applying the the Bobbi Brown BB Cream:
But seriously, what’s a review, without applying it! Let’s put it on shall we and see it on skin!

The BB cream blends easily in and I feel like for once, I can actually apply it like a normal foundation without thinking it’s going to look too white or cakey. I love it! You’ll also notice that the BB cream leaves an extremely glowy finish, borderline oily which is why I didn’t like it in Singapore that much because I tend to oil up in those climates a lot. It wasn’t waterproof either in a humid country and that’s why I leaned more on my Rachel K CC cream. However, in cold weather like now in London, I can wear it comfortably without worrying too much.

It does look a bit too warm now doesn’t it? It does gradually adjust to your original skin color and matches perfectly after a few minutes so make sure you give it some time to do that. As the claims say, it does even out imperfections and pores and definitely brightens. However, the oil control on this bb cream is poor and if you have oily skin and need something not as glowy, you should get something else.

Overall, I really like this BB Cream. I thought I didn’t but after using it more now that I want to change my face routine up a little, I’m getting back to really liking it especially in the dry and cold weather here in London. Some pointers, it’s finally a bb cream that will suit your warm undertone but will give you a glowy finish so let’s hope that’s how you roll!

I hope you liked this review!


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