How to Look Like Barbie (Asian Barbie) Make-Up Tutorial!

Hey Everyone!

They say that a girl spends their first ten years of their lives playing with barbies and the next 10 years are spent trying to look like one. I can’t disagree. Nonetheless, barbie is such a fun look. You’re talking pink, semi plastic and super girly which is always fun when it comes to playing with make-up. I don’t have a blonde wig but here’s my (Asian) Barbie inspired make-up tutorial! Hope you enjoy! It’s been a while since I did a step by step.

Step 1: Apply your Foundation

I’m using the Bourjouis Healthy Serum foundation that I just bought recently. It smells like berries and first comes off a little white as you can see. But it oxidizes fast and turns into your natural skin color after perhaps about 15 -30 mins. I like it because it feels very light and cooling while providing decent coverage. Make sure you’re flawless. I don’t think barbie was ever designed to have acne scars, if you know what I mean.

 Step 2: Make sure you set!

A common step a lot of my friends at least miss is that foundation alone is enough to walk out the door. Make sure you set your foundation with a loose powder or a powder of choice to make your foundation last much longer, hide pores and even control oil (for a while). I’m using the Make-up Forever HD powder because it really works to hide pores.

Step 3: Add a White Base

Start with your primer – I’m using the Urban Decay Primer Potion – which is a step that is important in all make-up looks so really invest in a good primer. The Urban Decay one is great. Then, I use the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to create a white base. Simply apply some onto your eye-lid and smudge it out. Set with a white eye-shadow if you can.

 Step 4: Add some Pink!

Take a bright neon pink eyeshadow and apply that in your outer corner and into your crease approaching your eye-brow. This shadow in particular is from the Sleek Make-Up i-Divine Palette in Acid. This brings out the girly-ness in your eyes.

 Step 5: Purple Crease, Please & Winged Liner 

Take  pencil brush so you can do a bit of detailed work and take a neon purple (the same purple from the Sleek palette) and apply that into your crease. You want to make it pretty defined because if you look at Barbie, she has a pretty defined crease. Although I don’t have eyes like barbie, at all, I can still sort of make a crease to make my eyes more defined. Finish off with a winged liquid liner on your lid line. I’m using the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner.

 Step 6: Purple on Your Waterline

To further enhance your purple crease, although barbie has this originally as a brown water line, I’m using purple to add a bit more fun. This is the Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Ransom.

Step 7: Fake Lashes, Brows and Highlight

To complete your eye-look, it’s time to put on some false lashes. I would use much more dramatic ones than these to be honest because you are talking about Barbie. However, I didn’t have any extra ones on hand so I just used my normal daily false lashes. Take a frosty cream and apply that on your brow bone to enhance your brows. Remember to fill them in as well!

Step 8: Contour & Blush

Time to contour and angle your face. It’s best to use a matte bronzer that doesn’t have orange tones and the Hoola by Benefit is perfect for this. To contour your nose (because Barbie has a tiny nose), take an eye-shadow brush and apply the bronzer along the contours of your nose to make it even slimmer. Use a blending brush to buff out any harsh lines. I’m also contouring my cheek bones and jaw line before adding a bright pink blush like M.A.C Pink Swoon to my cheeks.

Step 9: Pink Lips are more fun!

Apply a matte pink lip first. A bubblegum pink is great for this. I’m using a M.A.C lipstick in Please Me. To further brighten the overall look, I applied a hot pink lipgloss overtop – the Sportsgirl Forever Young lipgloss which was featured in my Hot Pink Lips blog post. I then proceeded to highlight and add glow to my face to enhance and sharpen my facial features. I did this by taking a highlight (Benefit Miss Popularity Highlighter) along my nose bridge, top of my cheek bones and my chin. Remember to blend accordingly!

And you are basically finished. You have Barbie eyes, barbie face, barbie lips. just don’t turn into plastic on me, alright? I’m also using the Freshkon lenses in Sparkling Gray although Barbie’s eyes are blue. Blue doesn’t show up on me very well and I’d have to go buy them which I didn’t want to do!

 I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world – you have no idea how long that song was stuck in my head when I was making this.

To accessorize, get all the pink in your wardrobe and wear it. No seriously, that’s what I did.

And I even tried to tie a bow in my hair. But I guess that’s a minnie mouse look for a later day.

Hope you enjoyed this Barbie look!

As you can see the foundation matches me perfectly now!