November 18, 2011

How to Touch-Up Your Make-Up & What to Bring in your Make-Up Bag!

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Hey Everyone!

We’ve all been there. At the end of a long day at uni, or work, we either have a bad case of the oilies or our blush or lipstick has now faded. Even better, a hot date is waiting for us tonight and there is just no way that we can beat the rush hour and head home first. Thus, there’s always a reason to bring along a few make-up items in a small pouch in case of any hot mess emergencies. I thought it would be fun to open up my little make-up emergency kit and show you my top tips and items to touching your make-up throughout the day!

It’s pretty packed in here, but seriously for good reason. The key is to find products that multi-task and don’t need additional tools.

Your touch-up routine should consist of as little brushes as possible just because brush hairs tend to trap a decent amount of dirt.

The Face Products:

Step 1:  Blot your Face: 

I usually would blot my face first. You can use blotting sheets, but really, I just use any old tissue to do the job. I used to use the M.A.C blot powder but after a while, I got lazy in the re-purchasing department and just decided to use oil blotters, and then tissues and then paper napkins and so forth. Of course, if you have dry skin, feel free to skip this step.

My Picks: Usually, paper towels

Step 2: Apply a Pot Concealer: 

Pot concealers or balm like concealers are the best for touch-up bags because you don’t need an additional concealer brush to help you out. Plus, it’s much faster to apply with your fingertips

My Picks: M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer or Maybelline Coverstick Concealer

Step 3: Use a Retractable Brush to apply your Pressed Powder: 

A retractable brush is awesome because it’s basically a brush with a cap. Applying the pressed powder with the sponge it provides is probably only good for the first one or two uses. After that, unless you’re up for washing your sponge all the time, it can be quite unhygienic. Use a retractable brush instead and sweep the powder all over.

My Picks:  Sigma Retractable Kabuki with Rachel K Pressed Powder

Step 4: Highlight: 

Having a highlighter handy is the best for days when you obviously didn’t have enough sleep. Apply this under your eyes and along the nose of your bridge for an instant perk me up!

My Picks:  YSL Touche Eclat

The Eye Products:

Step 5:  Apply your Eye-liner 

Always bring an eye-liner with you. Instant energizer and most likely to run or fade throughout the day. Makes a whole lot of difference to reapply your eye-liner during your touch-up routine.

My Picks: Sportsgirl Draw the Line Eye-liner, Covergirl Liquidline Blast, M.A.C Technakohl in Graphblack

Step 6: Eye-Lash Glue 

This is necessary only if you are wearing false lashes that day. If not, feel free to leave this item out.

My Picks: Ardell Lash Adhesive, Duo Eyelash Glue

The Cheeks:

For blush, either bring a blush with an in-house brush or use a cream blush. Remember the trick is to use less brushes so if you can do the job with your fingertips, even better. It saves space in your pouch and saves your make-up brushes from being squashed into that little pouch of yours. The Revlon Matte in Rose Rapture blush or the Canmake Cream Cheek Blush make great bets. I rarely need to ever re-apply a bronzer but if you need to, go ahead. The Revlon Beyond Natural Blush and Bronzer is a great duo that’s beautiful, natural and convenient and would make a great addition to any make-up bag.

The Lips: 

As for the lips, just add your lipstick that you’re wearing that day. I’m usually sporting the Chanel Rougue Allure in Darling which is the best everyday lipstick. It should win the award for being super smooth, light and pigmented.

And there we have it! I usually blot, apply concealer, dust with a bit of powder, add a bit of blush, re-touch my eye-liner and go over with my lipstick again! Of course i’m not one of those vain pots who spends more time in the ladies room than doing some actual shopping but if I have been out for a while and I’m meeting someone special, I do re-touch to make sure I look spiffy.

How do you re-touch your make-up?

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