May 7, 2011

Review: Canmake Cream Cheek Cream Blush in 01

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Hey Everyone!

There’s just something about Japanese makeup that makes you want to run around in a flurry of pink, diamonds and kawaii. It’s the whole aura of funny colored lenses, much too flattering eye-lashes and voluminized hair in every color but your own.

When we think Asian makeup, that’s probably the image we’re able to muster up almost instantly. Face it, it’s the packaging and the girls at the purikura photobooths that have us wishing we were 2D. Personally though, I’ve never really bought into this packaging mainly for well two reasons. Number one being that I never felt that I could ever be priviledged enough to fall into the steretoype of having my index and middle finger up as my default pose ready to turn anyone into a bunny rabbit in photos and number two being the fact that I wasn’t skilled enough to read the packaging in the first place.

Therefore, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I need your apologies for having very few asian makeup products despite running around in my own ethnicity. But, every journey starts with baby steps and I’m starting to explore BB creams much more and well today, I have a review of a very special cream blush I’ve been loving lately- the Canmake Cream Cheek.

Thanks to the lovely Jolyn or passing this to me, it was very sweet of you. Speaking of sweet, this packaging is probably the definition of sweet. It’s in a cute or shall I say kawaii heart shaped case that’s diamond cut, complete with japanese words I can’t read, sparkles and a plastic clam like case. The actual product is a balm and mousse like finish that blends easily into the skin and the whole thing is quite small. It fits into your palm that’s great for on the go because you won’t need a brush.

Product Claims taken from

1. Silky Soft Texture

“The melting gel-type texture, which is silky-soft on your fingers, becomes dry from the instant you apply it to your cheeks!”

2. Long-Lasting

“Contains masses of emollient agents that are highly compatible with your skin (squalene of vegetable origin and amino acid-based emollients), enclosed in a special stretchy gel, which not only protects your skin from drying out, but also improves the blusher’s adhesion to your skin, making it longer-lasting.”

3. Good Pigmentation

Gel-type formulation for vibrant color that looks just as it does in the container.

The claims are pretty self explanatory so we’ll see if they hold!

Starting with bare cheeks….

Let’s Put it On!

Step 1: Shade 01 is a cool pink color and the best way to apply the product is to use what your mama gave you – meaning your clean fingers. Simply swipe the product onto your fingertips. I suggest using two at a time so you can apply the product a little faster. As you can see, the pigmentation is great swatched on your fingertips.

Step 2: Start by patting the product on the cheek. Just place the cream blush first. You’ll blend the product later on. This is just the placement of the blush.

Step 3: Blend it out! You can see that it’s a pretty intimidating cool toned pink. I reckon it’s very similar to the MAC Well Dressed blush.

However, in daylight, it mellows out into quite a flattering color. On the Canmake website, this color is supposed to be called Peach Dream. It’s definetley a Pink dream, not a peach.

So What Do I Really Think?
I really like it and I’m really impressed. Looking at the claims:

1. Silky Soft Texture

Yes, I can just feel the dimethicone or silicone molecules in this. i can’t read the ingredients but I can feel them. You’ll definetley get that texture that often accompanies pore fighting primers, filling in lines and making complexions smoother. It’s a very smooth and silky soft texture, almost mousse like.

2. Long-Lasting

Yes. I think this is the characteristic that suprised me the most! It lasted longer than my regular blushes as I thought that such a silky feeling blush would slide off in no time. Very impressed with the lasting power of these blushes.

3. Good Pigmentation

When blended, they make the perfect pigmentation. You don’t want to concentrate these colors on the apples of your cheeks. I suggest blending them upwards and blending them well so you don’t look like a woman clown! It’ll be a positive externality I promise. Yes, they have good pigmentation, but you should be blending them out so they won’t. When blended out, it’s a very subtle glow like you’ve blushed them cheeks yourself.

Overall, a fantastic product from Canmake and if you can’t get enough, there are 10 colors in total. I love them because they last long and you can pocket these blushing jewels everywhere you go.

Catch them in my recently uploaded favourites video here:


Have you tried the Canmake Cream Cheek and what do you think of it?



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