Favourite Products of 2010!

Hey Everyone!

It’s Friday! I hope you had a splendid week. Mine was pretty busy. I got to meet up with the lovely Pearlin Siow and Merry Riana for an interview at Touche Elite and got my first full body massage. I have to say that was for sure an experience and it was just a little awkward at times but it was good. I’m as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Ha-ha.

It’s time to take you down memory lane. Today I’ll be talking about my favourite products of 2010. It has for sure been eventful in the makeup department as I tried to walk out of my M.A.C and NARS comfort zones to try other brands like Chanel, YSL and even drugstore products as well. Here are my picks that might just pop up on your next makeup shopping list.

#1. Hoola By Benefit

This is the best bronzer of 2010. It’s the perfect shade of brown, it’s not as expensive as the NARS Laguna bronzer and it’s matte which makes this baby perfect for contouring. I’ve used it everyday since and I have no idea why I haven’t made a dent yet. It’s great and it’s value for money. The only thing I would speak words of caution on would be the fact that this is better for lighter skintones. Darker skintones should stay away from matte bronzers because they’ll make you ashy. Opt for a tinsy winsy bit of glimmer to spice things up.

I’ve added old pictures from past posts as well throughout this one to showcase where I’ve used it. I used it for my contouring post right here:


#2. Chanel Rouge Allure Lipsticks

When I tried these babies at the duty free store back in June, I fell in love immediately. It felt like cloud nine on the lips. Literally. Fluffy, smooth and pigmented just enough. These lipsticks are for sure a winner over any other brand I’ve tried. YSL lipsticks came close but they’re a little too thick for me. These ones are the perfect consistency and have great lasting power as well. It is Chanel after all.

Gone are the days when I blogged with bad picture quality. But here’s a swatch that I made when I hauled it back in June/July 2010! It’s a swatch of Darling, my favourite one. View that post here:

Duty Free Haul – Chanel Rouge Allure & YSL Rouge Volupte


#3. Benefit Bad Gal Lash

Although I was impressed with a number of drugstore mascaras, I have to say that this one takes the cake. It’s not even drugstore but boy is it good. I love it especially when it dries out a bit because the formula becomes less wet and turns into a perfect tool to create those beautiful wispy lashes that aren’t clumpy or too over the top.

Here it is in the spotlight on my Work Appropriate Look of the Day Post that you can read right here:


#4. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

Maybelline is quickly becoming a favourite of mine along with Rimmel products in the drugstore department. They make great foundations and powders. This one in particular was highly raved even before I bought it so I just had to give it a try. At the beginning because I was weening off my expensive MAC MSF Natural, I didn’t care too much about it. However, with more uses, I started to love it’s light finish and feeling after setting my foundation and I actually appreciated the lighter coverage. This is my 2nd Hit Pan product. Loves it!

#5. NARS Deep Throat Blush

My all time favourite blush. If you are to pick between Orgasm and Deep Throat, I would now pick Deep Throat although I love them both dearly. I think this one gives a more fresh face, perfect pink flush, look that I just can’t walk away from. It breathes a certain air when you apply it and it goes well with any look whether it’s day or night because it really does mimic the same shade when you would blush naturally. A must-have!

This was from my contouring, blushing, highlighting post as well. It’s the same link as the one I set out for Hoola so scroll above and click away!

#6. Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Makeup

I have to say that this is hands down my favourite foundation, plus it’s affordable. It’s super blendable, gives high coverage without looking or feeling heavy and it doesn’t break me out. It wears perfectly and lasts a good amount of time. It just magically erases everything. I love it! I totally emptied the bottle and I can only get it in Australia but I am for sure re-purchasing it. I don’t know why I didn’t do a proper review *scratches head* hm.

#7 Stila Marrakesh Quad

I thank this quad for helping me re-connect to my more neutral lighter eye-look days. I used to think it made no difference if I didn’t pile it up high with darker looks but now I know I look fine with both..or so I think. I love mixing and matching the colours but I always have the standard process of putting the dark mahogoney on my outer v. This is a great work-appropriate quad!

Check out my work-appropirate look. It’s the same link as the benefit bad gal lash! But here is another:


#8 YSL Brow Pencil

I have used this every single day and thank the lord for this baby. I don’t have to use an additional step anymore. I just take the cap off, define, take the other cap off on the other end and comb through and ta-da hot looking brows. But, of course I do do the maintenance and that’s what really matters as much as I can. It has a great formula and lasts throughout the day. Not too soft and not too dry. It’s perfect.

It’s easy as 1..2..well there’s no 3. Hah, see?
I hoped you liked this!
What were your favourite products of 2010?
Love, Roseanne


  • icefrost

    I agree with you, deep throat is the best pink blush ever!

  • hkcandy

    I love nars deep throat and angelika!!
    I envy how contoured your facial structure is~

  • forensia

    i love my deep throat too!!

  • charlenejudith

    I love the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder! It keeps me oil free and it’s awesome even when I use on my bare face! It makes me look like I have light foundation on even though I have none (Coverage is little but it makes my face very smooth looking and cover up my red spots.).

  • lemontartree.blogspot.com

    Wow Roseanne! most of them are almost used up. By the way, without you recommending cosme-de.com, I wouldn’t know it existed. I have used my $5 coupon on my Nars blush orgasm. Weeee! =D

  • eyelashwishh

    I love the Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Makeup too! I’m currently using it, and it’s the ONLY liquid foundation that I’ve used 4 days straight. Usually I am too lazy, but this product doesnt even take that long to blend.

  • elizaheartyou

    Yes yes I loveee deep throat! Thanks to your rec dear! I wanna try the YSL brow pencil! haha :D

  • roseannetangrs

    Yep Deep Throat is an amazing blush! :) And that’s great lemontree.blogspot.com, cosme-de is a great website to shop makeup! and eliza, you should for sure try out the ysl brow pencil. eyelashwishh – best foundation :) thanks for all of your comments!

  • Princess Jae

    I’ve always wanted to either try the NARS Orgasm or Deep throat but it’s too expensive for me D:
    But i’m lovin’ the holiday gift pack “Her Name Was Glowa” set ^^
    And i use my Shu Uemura curler with the Dior Show Iconic mascara everytime i go out.

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