UGGs from the Urban UGG Co. & A little review after wearing them…


Today I got UGGs. You’re either 1.) Horribly disgusted, 2.) Interested because they’re cute or 3.) Happy for me cuz I’M HAPPY baybay!

Story? My mom bought me River Island Heeled boots for this semester and although pricy, I can’t wear them. I hate heels actually, they hurt, hurt hurt. I then went to SEED and got some suede leather boots but they hurt, so injured Roseanne rang up her Dad to see if she could get sheepskin ones and with a bit of hesitation when I mentioned the price, he replied with the usual “ok, if they’re going to last long, go ahead”. So here I am with a haul.

But prior to all investments as usual, I did a little research. You’re probably familiar with UGGS from UGGs Australia, and perhaps are naive enough to think that any brand except those from UGGs Australia are fake. Well honey, you are wrong. UGGs are a type of shoe, they are sheepskin shoes made in Australia and they have been around for hundreds of years. UGGs Australia (which is actually and American Company) tried to make all the Australians out of business by trying to claim the right to take the word UGGs and they failed miserably. And Guess what? UGGs Australia isn’t an Australian company, they are American and guess where they make their UGGs? CHINA. So how is it that the people shouting that UGGS made in Australia by Australian companies are FAKE and the right..the oh..American one who is making their UGGs in China are REAL? Makes no sense? I concur. And they’re ripping you off $300 a pop. But due to mass marketing and clever consumer hypnotism (lol), they managed to capture the American market via celebrities like Hilary Duff who are seen sporting uggs with skinny jeans, a Starbucks caramel soy latte ..or in this case a small dog and whatever else companies have chosen to send them right before the paparazzi takes a picture.

So, in effort to boycott this company, I avoided UGGs Australia and searched for Australian companies with real sheepskin and handmade quality UGGs. I was walking around and spotted The UGG Shop, made by Urban UGG Co. (NOTE THIS WAS NOT IN NO WAY A SPONSORED REVIEW. I BOUGHT THESE BABIES FOREELS, AND NO ONE TOLD ME TO WRITE THIS POST :) KAY THANKS).

So, today I hobbled back there with my feet injured from ex-boots and got this:



Open Sesame

Just a teaser.

Cuties. I know, black? Say what? but I think they look better than the chocolate and I wanted something different.

yes, you are so soft.


Thumbs up.

They just make you want to squish your toes. I need to go to a consult, might update later but bye!


So I walked all the way to college and back in these and seriously it felt like the Sahara Desert was having a little party in there while the rest of my body was stuck in Antartica. Serious warmth. good and bad. If Australia felt like Russia then maybe. Maybe. But it’s not Russia. I think it will be more tolerable when winter really does swing by…soon. *Looks up* Right about now would be good! Melbourne weather is so bloody unpredictable. And I’m not used to chunky monkey shoes so it felt kind of clunky but I’ll get used to it! When I took off the UGGs, this is what happened:

[I inserted my foot here, but thought it wasn’t necessary.] BASICALLY, the dye transferred onto my foot and now i’m turning into a black sheep..feet wise. :/ Not so great if you wanted to try out new footwear when you’re shopping. Ew.

But, overall, they are so soft. So soft they make me wanna wear them indoors, outdoors, anydoors. So squishy.

xx Roseanne


  • musicplayson

    I’m number 3! Happy for you! A pity it is so hot in Singapore, literally cannot wear these kind of foor wear. Which are super gorgeous btw! :D

  • heavenlygorgeous

    I’m number 3 too! I wish we could wear them here in SG!

  • icefrost

    If only Singapore has winter!

  • feistyskies

    Hehe yay definitely number 3! I’ve always been dying to get one of those! If only we had winter. I’m now setting my sights on some Doc Marts instead. :P

  • prettygreentea

    This was a really interesting post, thanks for the info and now your feet can be nice and snug in your new uggs !

  • roseannetangrs

    aw thanks everyone! Yea, I agree Singapore would be WAY too hot. I just gave them a test run and they heat up fast. :)

  • retail_therapy

    I think UGGS got a bad rap cos of the celebs who were photographed wearing UGGS everywhere in the most inappropriate situations and outfits, at one point of the UGGS craze, it was overkill, but I think they are practical shoes to wear in winter/ extreme cold weather. :)

  • aichaku

    i wanted UGGs so badly when i was freezing in the minus-es deg cold in Korea last winter!! it’s good to know they are warm like the sahara :D it makes me think i should get them when i head for a wintry place next time :D too bad about the dye transfer though.

  • icyabstract

    I actually think UGGS are cute. I’ve always liked them and the best part is they look super comfy! I’ve always wanted a pair of UGGS though I think to wear them here in Singapore, it doesn’t sound like a very good idea. sighh~

  • thefacepalette

    before reading your post i thought UGG is a brandname, now i know what the real meaning is.. i like your shoes, they look very high-fashioned and comfortable the same time.. brilliant choice.. :)

  • Cendana

    Nice choice ;) I like! I’m number 3! Hehehe, I think uggs are practical and quite a style, actually, especially in winter!! Let’s all wear them during winters ^^

  • Ange Demon013

    I remember the case from my Marketing Law class. Although UGG Australia was the longest in business, they never registered their trademark. When Ugg US registered their trademark, they sued UGG Australia for putting Ugg on their products’ tag. It still has a dagger in Aussies’ hearts. :*(
    I usually wear short hosiery (like up to calf) whenever I wear boots, so that my feet won’t sweat, not get stained(especially toe nails), no funky odor trapped in my boots and so that my boots last a long time :)

  • dblchin/clara

    Wished we could wear those things in singapore! I dowan to b sweating thru my toes~

  • ladeekim

    They look so comfy! I have this pair of boots which are like quilted and waterproof, and they are my only pair of winter boots. I wish SG had winter so I can whip out my winter clothes to wear.

  • hazelnutt

    Me! Me! Me! I own a pair of UGGs too!! It’s really a practical pair of winter boots to own! I made the mistake of not bringing it along when i went on a winter holiday last year and brought my chic leather boots instead. Bad bad mistake! Uggs kept me warm and blister free and i will make sure i pack it into my luggage the next time i visit somewhere cold. And yes… if only Singapore is cold enough for UGGs…

  • roseannetangrs

    True that! Aw well its good for travelling I guess for all of you in Singapore? I love these, and I’m def. thinking of getting more. It’s the only pair of shoes I can comfortably put on without freeezing my feet off haha

  • wqh1st

    Hi everybody, may i know where i can buy a real one? and how much for it?

  • roseannetangrs

    well in australia they’re everywhere :)

  • The Vanitydoll

    I love Uggs <3. I own a pair and they are so comfy. It keeps my feet warm during winter days.

  • The Vanitydoll

    I love Uggs. I own a pair and they are so comfy. It keeps my feet warm during winter days.

    (oops my bad. didn’t post the whole comment last time)

  • Anonymous

    are they rubber soles?

  • roseannetangrs

    yes, rubbery styrofoam kind, the ones all uggs have :)

  • Patricia Streeter

    I am seriously thinking about buying a pair. I’m in North Eastern Pennsylvania which means bitter cold winters. Most people say there comfortable, but the price has stopped me from buying them. I don’t want to get stuck with an expensive pair of shoes I don’t like.

    I’m glad you did some research on UGGS and shared the intell. I’m not surprised that America has tried to become a monopoly in this shoe brand. That’s business for you. The way I see it—when I make the plunge to buy a pair—I don’t want to buy from a company that markets Australian UGGS but has them mass produced in China.

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      True that! Good luck with your search and purchase!

  • Adam

    Hi Roseanne, I really liked your review. You are so right about uggs being a type of shoe and no one has the right to trademark it as their own. I live in Melbourne so it is quite chilly here atm so going to go buy a pair of minis today and rest assured I definitely will not be buying from ugg Australia!!
    Hope your feet are still enjoying the warmth!

    Take care of yourself and will be thinking of you when I buy some…,

    Adam :)

    • roseannetangrs (author)

      aw yay! take care! wishing i was back in aussie!

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